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DDSY188 Kilowatt-hour Meter Technical Rata of Kilowatt-hour meter model DSS188 Model DSS188 Basic current Ib(Maximum current) 1.5(6)A    3(6)A    5(20)A    2... AUX Group Co., Ltd.
DDSY188 Single-phase Electronic Prepayment Ki DDSY188 Single-phase Electronic Prepayment Kilowatt-hour Meter Brief DescriptionBy applying advanced electronic technology and SMT production process, the product can execute the measurement o... AUX Group Co., Ltd.
DSS(X)188 Three-phase electronic pre-payment able to measure active and reactive electricity, powered by three-phase power supply. When one or two phases fail, the measurement accuracy will not be affected.With full-automatic calibration... AUX Group Co., Ltd.
DTI2000 Three-phase Four-wire Active Carrier Main Technical Data Type DTI2000 Product Description Three-phase Four-wire Active Carrier Kilowatt-hour Meter Reference Voltage 3×57.7/100V, 3×220/380V Current value ... AUX Group Co., Ltd.
Kilowatt-hour Meter DD862-B Single-Phase DD862-B Key Specifications/Special Features:It used to measure AC current with reference frequency of 50Hz or 60HzThis series is a new generation of electricity measuring... AUX Group Co., Ltd.
Spilt Wall-mounted Type Air conditioning PARAMETER TABLE FOR R407C  220V~240V/50HZ     One to Two Type ASW-   H09A+09A4/HS2R-Ⅰ ASW-   H09A+12A4/HS2R-Ⅱ ASW-   H1... AUX Group Co., Ltd.